Quiz AND-403

Quiz AND-403: Monetize Android Applications

At course completion, a student will be able to:
1. Understand different techniques to monetize your application.
2. Add advertisements without degrading the user experience.
3. Create Android applications with in-app billing.
4. Learn how to gather statistics about your application’s usage.
5. Publish and advertise your application effectively.
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Quiz AND-402

Quiz AND-402: Android Security Essentials

The quiz covers four main content: Introduction and Android Security Architecture,  Android Permission Model and third party applications, Component Security and Protecting data storage, Client-Server communication security.

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Quiz AND-401

Quiz AND-401: Android Application Development

To be an Android certified application developer (and to get this certificate and the Android certified application developer ID card), you must pass the Android application development exam. Upon completing this exam with a passing grade, you will receive the “Android Certified Application Developer” certificate by mail with the ID card no later than 4 weeks from the exam date.
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